Use Gmail to Send and Receive Email From Your Company Address

 Use Gmail to Send and Receive Email From Your Company Address

Gmail has so many cool features but a lot of people do not use it because they want their outgoing email to say it’s from instead of John@gmail สมัครgmail .com. But did you know that you can use Gmail to send messages from your MyCompany dot com email address? You can, and this article tells you how.

By the way, both the customer service guy at GoDaddy and my web guy said they didn’t think it was possible to do what I am about to SHOW you how to do.

Start by signing into your Gmail account and in the upper RH corner of the screen you’ll see a link for Settings. In the Settings screen, click on Accounts, which is the second tab from the left. then click on “Add another email address you own.” (If you don’t yet have a single Gmail account, you’ll have to set one up prior to implementing what I’m about to show you.)

This will open a window where you add the new email address. In the “name” field enter the name that you would like to appear as the person the email is sent from. It can be your name, or it can be “webmaster”.

You can also specify a different “reply to” address. By default, whenever anyone replies to you, it will show the same email address that it went out from – which is the email address I’m showing you how to set up. But if you want your replies to to a different address, you can set that up on this window.

Now you’ll click on Next Step, and on the next screen click on Send Verification. Now Gmail will send a verification message to you, asking you to verify that you do in fact own that email address. So go check your email, open the message from Gmail. You now have 2 options for finalizing the process.

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