Intelligent LED Street Lighting is Coming!

 Intelligent LED Street Lighting is Coming!

High Power LED street lights are new series of energy saving products that utilize high power LEDs as effective lighting source to traditional illumination, such as LPS, HPS, advantages of led street lights

  or MH street lights. Outdoor LED light provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED street lighting is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. Due to the international policy affection of low carbon and environmental-protection. LED street lighting, as an important member of public lighting family, have apply to many different countries with increasing need, which is to fit the requirement of low carbon and environment-protection.

Now, intelligent street lighting is coming for you! Intelligent Street light technology has now matured, providing a cost-effective approach to managing municipal LED light. Intelligent system of outdoor street lighting can help local communities do their part in meeting this global challenge. Intelligent lighting systems utilize the latest LED technologies to optimize the light intensity according to the situation by dimming the lamp. All lamps can be communicated with, so their condition can be assessed remotely and, if necessary, the LED Street lighting controlled remotely.

Intelligence Street lights mean control LED light by intelligent method according to the sense of light, time and temperature to achieve Time-phased dimming control, Temperature control, Remote control for you. With the character of automatic on/off, high lamp efficiency, less power, long life-span, and safe and dependable, high luminous efficiency, environmental friendly. Intelligent Street lighting can realize unattended management of street light system.

Intelligent Street lights adopt a new independent intellectual property right of the intelligent driver. Leaded by a central control system, it can control the lamp brightness from 0-100% and feedback the working situation of each lamp to the central control system by remote control, and this kind of function can highly improve the management efficiency of road lighting administrative authority.

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