Inside Job – Stillwater Prison & the Day Before Yesterday (A Shannon O’Day Story)

Dana Stanley, conceived September 27, 1942, met Edward Morrill conceived August 28, 1930, while filling in as a student teacher in the Dakota County educational system…

Forward: Shannon O’Day was the reason Edward Morrill had been sentence to five-years in jail for his undertaking with a minor, Dana Stanley, throughout the fall of 1958, and it was presently December, 1961. He had served barely two years, with appropriate conduct, he was to get out in one more year 1963, September, and was going up for a load up hearing and ideally be put released early, as of now and time he had a parole hearing come September of 1962, one year from this date, and he had told his flat mate, he planned to kill the individual who put him in this jail when he got out, and the individual he told (joking or not), was Otis Wilde Mather’s third cousin, and when his name came up, Shannon O’Day, Oscar Lewis Charleston, had composed Otis, to visit him, it was critical to say it. Also, he did precisely that, and provided Otis with the data of his flat mate, prisoner companion, and Otis, gave Oscar enough biting tobacco to last him the year out. However, presently     45 long colt ammo for salesomething should have been finished to stop this likely risk really taking shape.

Also, Otis’ arrangement was two crease. Get him another sentence, another five or a decade, or destroy him. Whichever one was great, under anything conditions won, in agreement to the time span; and the less individuals that knew, the good, to incorporate Shannon O’Day himself.

The Story

Section One

The Meeting

“Youall help me out cousin Oscar Lewis and I’ll give Youall $200-dollars for you time. Ef-in that be alright with your cognizant, and it dont conflict with your nerve,” said Otis Wilde Mather at the Stillwater State Prison, in Minnesota, during his encounter with his third cousin, Oscar Lewis Charleston.

The two of them took a gander at each other, and Otis took out 200 bucks, “Ef-in I takes the cash the watchman here, I mean, the po-lice man, he a-goin’ to remove it at any rate, I want to purchase a-prostitute, yet there aint any here, we’all men here and we can do what ladies cant I reckon…so give da cash to some unfortunate sucker,” he said.

“Waht!” said Otis, “Youall sure you believes should do that?”

“How you mean, needs to do that? Joke finds somebody who aint got a penny and give them 200 bucks worth of those penny’s, OK cousin?”

“We’ll,” said Otis, “ef-in that causes you to feel much improved, what about that white young lady, Dana Stanley, Morrill got her a child, and she a-spice up on her own in some shack on the levee in that there shanty town somewhere around the Mississippi River, beneath the bluffs, in St. Paul?”

“All things considered, I might want to see a variety society git da cash, however unfortunate white is fine I figure. Waht do he do to her?” Asked Oscar.

“He done dealt with her like a prostitute and she waz just fifteen at dhe time, and turned sixteen, then, at that point, he gits a heart to admit, and gits frantic reason Shannon O’Day, he gits the Judge to take care of him for a long time. Goodness I guess she did her flatiron, yet she as poor as a mouse with no cheddar. So I’d say assuming anybody merits that-there 200 bucks, its Dana.”

A lady began shouting in the meeting region, some prisoner was going around attempting to open up his fly, and everybody began looking, and his significant other attempted to settle him down, and when the gatekeepers got him, settled him down he had his britches half off needed to do anything that he might do with his better half, not too far off and afterward, and his better half’s hands were over her face humiliated, just shook her head. What’s more, a watchman said distinctly, “We got to stop visiting time today people good everyone leave please.”

Otis, quieted, as the gatekeeper pulled the man’s britches back up around his butt, and flashed up his front. The watchman shared with the detainee,

“You’ll navigate a precarious situation for along time Henry!”

Otis was finished talking in any case, and when he arrived at the last strides to leave the jail, hearing the weighty metal entryways, steel bar entryways, crash, and catch the lock, and snap as though the great beyond, burped, not far behind him, he took in a full breath, and let it out leisurely. Then, at that point, he unfurled the cash he was going to give Oscar, and put it into an isolated office in his money clip. It was that very evening Otis visited Dana, and gave her the cash for the benefit of Oscar. “Help me out,” Otis, told her, “Think of him a thank-you letter, ef’in that aint excessively.”

She carried a brew to her little kitchen table, and opened it for Otis, “Good,” she commented, “simply give me his complete name and how to sent it to the jail, and I’ll do as you inquire.”

Part Two

The Decision

Oscar had told his flat mate, Edward Morrill, who rested on the top cot, “Each prisoner has a privilege to attempt to get away, the watchmen anticipate it. Furthermore, I got life, or twenty-years in this cell, fifteen more to go in the event that I keep my conduct well. Then, at that point, I am free, joke like that, free. In any case, I aint got fifteen years in me left, I’m 48 now, I expect I be dead by then. Furthermore, I figure each watchman has an option to shoot anybody who attempts to leave this jail without the legitimate desk work. I want your assistance, cuz my destiny is destruction, I aint goin’ to run out of her, Im goin’ to walk.”

Morrill didn’t be aware obviously he was being set up, and that he ought to have known from the start he was being set up, on the grounds that he didn’t have to help anybody, he was not getting a promissory note for everything except inconvenience, however he said, “What is it you’re requesting that I do?” So he even asked before he needed to, what Oscar believed him should do. Oscar had ensured he owed him some help, a couple of dark companions planned to blackjack him, took steps to slice his head with anything that they had on the off chance that they couldn’t track down a blackjack, and assault him. Furthermore, Oscar put a panic into those colleagues, and Edward was thankful. On the other had, Edward had wished he didn’t be aware as much as of now as he did. As a matter of fact, in the event that it was passed on to him, he would have compared to have been secured in singular until Oscar was over his getaway hypothesis.

“Try not to gloat; simply let me know how you hope to make it happen? I suppose I’m under a little cling to you, I believe should do what I got to do and disavow you.” Morrill asked, and commented.

“You don’t have to stress any,” Oscar said.

“What?” he said. “How could you say that?”

“I said you don’t have to stress, no one got anything against you and all I believe you should do is go into the pantry, get a sack of clothing, from Marcus, my companion in there, and get it to me the men’s room, during visiting time Saturday, its got ladies’ fabrics in it, and my sister will visit me, and I’ll spruce up like her, and she’ll say she lost her ID, and I’ll leave the spot dressed like a female before her.”

“Indeed,” he said, “yet you will be one appalling female.” And the two of them chuckled.

Section Three

Two Days Later

The Warden called Edward Morrill to his office. “Sit on down,” he told him, “tune in up” he said, making a sound as if to speak, and afterward expressed (his voice sotto-voce, and inquisitive): “What on earth did you do it for? We as a whole suspected you were of sound psyche. That is the very thing that your records say at any rate, and that is everything you said to us.”

“Truth be told,” Edward said.

“Didn’t you realize it wouldn’t work?” the Warden inquired.

Edward got up, needing to leave, and the Warden said, “Stand by, didn’t you understand you’d never pull off it?”

“Oscar let me know he needed to get away, however when I brought the pack of materials into the restroom, and emerged, he was gone, and his sister was gone, and I was remaining there by my forlorn.” The Warden took a gander at him; he looked flimsy and delicate.

“Oscar doesn’t have a sister, he should not to have tricked you however he hasn’t a thing to lose, and when I conversed with him, he denied he had a say in the ladies’ clothing in that sack, the watchman saw you carry it into the restroom. You would have out in simply one more year, and I cautioned you to stay out of trouble, not to help three-time failures.”

“He never needed to do that to me,” said Edward.

“Well he got it done, and you will get an additional five-years added onto your unique sentence, so disregard getting out right on time, you have until 1968. That is correct Edward Morrill, the boss of champion fakers. Furthermore, I’ve given you a confidential cell all to yourself. A few people simply never learn.”

“I assumed I just had one foe, Shannon O’Day, I surmise I currently got two,” said Edward.

Part Four


He, Edward Morrill was different now, as though his childhood would have been caution out before he escaped jail, over a proclamation he had failed to remember he even made. Immolated youth and trust had set into Dana Stanley moreover. The cowhide sturdiness that he whenever had was presently actual depletion; he had denied the blamelessness of a little kid, and set a consuming fire to his young years. Years would pass; those exact same years that he was assume to have been free. Had Edward had a superior legal counselor, he could have improved, he had neglected, insider facts are no longer mysteries once told. That was presently. Furthermore, presently he had a place with the State of Minnesota, the Government.

At first he was humiliated, at what he did, however held some pride, regard for himself, since he hadn’t gotten found out at it, and had energetically carried his wrongdoing to the consideration of the specialists, yet he had excused himself, yet presently it had turned into a sort of impression of somebody’s entertainment: somebody past those steel bars, and his responsibility, alongside that other individual’s unforgiving culpability he needed to plant into him, who was attempting to make his responsibility into disgrace, somebody past Oscar to have deceived him, presently he felt silly, and that old responsibility returned and had transformed into profound disgrace, hurt and outrage.

Furthermore, presently realizing Edward was in for various years, more years, Dana didn’t want to stand by, and she would have rather not figured out how to stand by any more, pausing and tuning in, and realizing what was happening in the jail, and her kid aging. Thus she had returned to her kin, her home with her mom and father, and began dating a men of honor individual from Stillwater Township, and she returned to Sunday school.

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