What If the Internet Were Turned Off For a Day?

Consider the possibility that the Internet were switched off for a day. Let’s be real, I’d bite the dust. I nearly didn’t compose this because of a paranoid fear of someone following through with the thought. I don’t have the foggiest idea who that’d be, however it unnerves the heck out of me. In the event that I was unable to go online for my consistent day to day portion, I accept I’d risk losing my personality. I would abruptly turn out to be nobody. No Facebooking for an entire day? You should kid. I’m almost sick.

Could the TV help me through it? No, they’d all need to close down for the afternoon, as well. Like satellite TV could exist without the Net? I may be left with radio. No, they’d presumably be toast, as well. What’s more, totally disregard banking. Money Street wouldn’t have street lights a potential for success. Hell, we presumably wouldn’t have power. Get the candles and perused like Abe Lincoln used to (what direction do you turn the pages, is it right to left?).

I could need to hammer out my thoughts on my Royal standard typewriter. I keep thinking about whether it actually works. I question my fingers could take the beating, or my mind. Excessively loud. I’d need to absorb the strip WD-40 to check whether I could resuscitate the ink. Yowser, I question I even own any white-out. Good gracious, not an eraser! Discuss stone age man days.

Can we just be real for a moment, the world would halt. No metros, no transports, no trains, no planes flying, no Visas, no nothin’. Then, here’s the most awful chance of all…

Consider the possibility that I enjoyed it.

Anything but that. Moving in reverse to when things moved all the more leisurely and you really conversed with a neighbor (I keep thinking about whether they’ve moved?) sounds so odd. Children could fill the roads to mess around. That doesn’t be sound great. They could get a rankle. Or then again more regrettable, get some activity. The racket they’d cause would stun. Crying, chuckling, playing, kidding, declining to come in for supper: absolute disorder.

No, the world’s a lot more secure and better spot inside. You don’t risk being hit by flying trash, or the odd climate occasion. Human-endured lightning strikes should unquestionably be way down since the appearance of the World Wide Web. Assuming we began investing a lot of energy outside, I’m certain it would some way or another increment Global Warming from that unexpected flood of CO2.

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