Merchant Card Processing Fees and Have Your Processor Pay You Instead

Merchant Card Processing Fees and Have Your Processor Pay You Instead


Merchants are learning how to switch from paying their accounts to paying their merchant card processing costs. It’s an old ploy with a whole new, game-changing twist, comparable to how to sell credit card processingback programs. Affiliates and merchants can both suggest customers and profit from the referrals.

When a merchant signs up while keeping his current processing setup and rates, they receive 20% cash back as a welcome bonus. The affiliate who referred the merchant also pays a commission. They collaborate, recommend additional retailers and affiliates who likewise split commissions, and after a short period of time, both of them are sitting on a mound of cash. Where do all these commissions come from is the obvious next query.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to lower rates while being profitable given the intense rivalry among processors, or is there? The door-to-door salespeople who try to persuade merchants to switch processors or open entirely new company accounts seem to be the only factor affecting processing costs.


Salespeople were formally expected to market the system by responding to all the customer’s inquiries and demonstrating the financial benefits of switching service providers. The salesperson would then have to set up the device and act as a technician for any system hiccups.

In addition to other costs like workman’s compensation, health insurance, payroll, social security, uniforms, tools and supplies, as well as travel-related fees, producing such an exceptional salesperson requires expensive and time-consuming training. Cost reduction is largely achieved by centralizing all of these activities and doing away with salesmen.

You may have seen TV advertisements for insurance or other services where all you have to do is visit a website, enter your information, and you practically immediately receive a certificate of insurance. There is an agent on duty with his “authorized stamp” nearby if a state license is needed to handle the transaction. As a result, one agent with a rubber stamp and a TV commercial replaces thousands and thousands of field insurance agents.

By letting anybody who can walk, talk, and perhaps use the internet to advertise a business, you can also do away with advertising expenses. The advertising expense has been removed in a very special way by enabling anyone to sign up as an affiliate and introducing merchants to a 20% cash back system. Word-of-mouth advertising amongst companies is quite effective and, of course, free.

When a how to sell credit card processingthat there is more money to be gained from using his processor, he promotes other merchants and earns an affiliate commission from accounts they open. Other significant benefits of this self-replicating mechanism exist. As opposed to the new business model, which shares this money with affiliates and business owners for the duration of an account’s existence, the old approach paid the engaged firm salesman a monthly residual on each account sold.

In this new business model, local specialists who run computer installation and repair services handle the necessary equipment technologies. Existing businesses maintain their current equipment and pricing; the only change is the service provider. Thus, local professionals who are also affiliates handle new installations for startup businesses.

By using the new, patented business system that was once a company expense, you may now cease paying merchant card processing fees and generate a sizeable six- or seven-figure revenue. The fact that this patentable possibility was only offered by one processor, which also happened to be the processor that won the most awards in 2010, should come as no surprise.

This reality has encouraged many business owners to keep looking for a low-cost merchant account that offers top-notch support. You may have noticed online advertisements for merchant accounts with absurdly low prices. Maybe a salesperson calls you and tries to change your provider. What do you consider when making a decision? Do you continue to fall for the same low discount rate and statement cost that are advertised? On the other hand, do you continue to fall in love with the business that has the best presence and the most expensive advertisements?

Why does every business have the same discount rate available online? It’s just that everyone operates under the same basic cost structure. The bank that issues credit cards also charges interchange and assessment fees, which are issued by Visa and MasterCard. Every time, your merchant account provider is required to pay these costs.

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